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For the love of all that is holy,

July 19, 2008

don’t try to make my liver treat recipe out of beef livers instead of chicken.

It worked out pretty well eventually, but I had to use excess hot water to get the meat pureed, and work extra hard to get it all processed without loosing a hand. (Only one small cut!) The house still doesn’t smell quite right.

However, I did manage to make the treats drier, which was my original intent.  I added another half cup of cornmeal, and a whipped egg.  The batter turned into a workable dough which I pressed into a 13X9 inch baking dish, scored, and baked for about 2½ hours at 250ºF.  Jeffery spent those two and a half hours, plus the time it took to build the dough neurotically running into the kitchen, whinging,  licking the backs of my knee, and running around the house like a loose ping pong ball.

The original recipe can be found here: