I’m afraid of my can-opener

My mom bought me one of those can-openers that sits on the can itself and walks its way around the rim of the can.  This leaves you with your hands free and a can that’s not sharp enough to cut you.  For some reason though, the opener doesn’t stop once it gets around the can.  It just keeps walking and walking and eventually I have to grab it and forcefully punch the button several times to make it stop, then pry the top of the can off it.  It’s giving me stress.

I have another can-opener, but I somehow feel that using it would be disloyal to my mom.  I keep forcing myself to use the new gizmo, even though it seriously limits my enjoyment of a can of beans.

I may need help.


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One Response to “I’m afraid of my can-opener”

  1. cyn Says:

    my mom has one of those, but it actually stops after making 1.5 circuits around the can. she only has the use of one hand, so it is sort of necessary for her. but I’ve been coveting one because apparently I’m not coordinated enough to use a manual can opener. I always end up with two spots on opposite sides of the can that don’t get cut through. well, except when I end up with 3 spots. and then I take a butter knife and bash the top of the can until one of the sides gives, which results in splashing my face, shirt, and the sink and counter with the contents of the can.

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