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Tomato Panic

June 9, 2008

56 people in Texas have been hospitalized due to a less than common strain of Salmonellosis. That’s not pleasant. I’ve had Salmonella, and it basically made me want to lie in the bathroom with my burning face pressed against the cool tile underneath me. I lost 8 pounds in a weekend, and had a non-consensual nap in the kitchen floor. I still eat runny eggs though, and can’t imagine not doing so. Salmonella doesn’t kill the healthy, and very rarely kills the immune suppressed. Diarrhea doesn’t scare me, I guess.

56 people have been hospitalized in a state of over 23 million, and I can’t get a raw tomato in any restaurant north of the Rio Grande. A friend called from the parking lot of her favorite taco shop to tell me that she couldn’t get salsa for her chorizo and egg. That’s ridiculous. The illness causing tomatoes are thought to be roma tomatoes not grown in Texas, New Mexico or a long list of other states. Seems it should be easy to bypass those and give me a salad with more than lettuce for lunch.

For now I’m carrying tomatoes in my purse and slicing them up with my Leatherman. The clients of Austin Java ( ) seemed to find this strange, but understandable.