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Vindictive Cats.

April 12, 2008

When I leave for a weekend I take the dog with me and leave the cats with extra water and a self feeder. They usually get back at me for this by leaving the odd hairball in my shoe. Mostly I wear rubber shoes, so this is fine.

Today they out did themselves though. I came home to a dead and partially rotted bright green lizard in the living room floor. They had a good time batting the little beast around the floor and managed to impart a lovely green sheen to the hard wood. Then one of them, I’m guessing Nero… the 20 lb mildly neurotic Siamese mix, got hungry and ate part of our newly departed reptile friend. Then he hurled bright green bits-o-lizard all over the rug.

Why did I turn the air-con off before I left? Why does Lysol spray not do too much to mask the smell of tortured lizard? Oh crap, is that a tail under the piano?