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Masochism and Eyebrows

April 29, 2008

I’m afflicted with powerfully thick eyebrows. Mostly I don’t give too much attention to my appearance, but I pay to have all inappropriate facial hair ripped off in regular intervals. I involuntarily cry when this happens. Its as if every hair in my nose has been yanked out and then a red hot poker shoved up there. I keep doing it though, because otherwise, I’m ugly.

I go to work with egg yolk drips on my shirt. I spent most of college in flannel pajama pants. I ask my sister for permission to cut my hair, and have called friends from dressing rooms to check that stripes and dots is still an unacceptable pattern combination. So really, I’m just not that appearance conscious.

Why then do I allow total strangers to do things that make my face bleed, and then keep up the torture at home with tweezers between appointments?