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Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts

August 23, 2008

10-15 brussels sprouts
1 large shallot, peeled and sliced
2 tbs butter
red pepper flakes to taste
kosher salt, cracked pepper
juice of 1 lemon
2 tbs maple syurp (I used grade A medium amber, compliments of Will and Mary Skelton)

Steam whole sprouts lightly.  They should be bright green and just fork tender.  Slice sprouts in half lengthwise, and set aside.  In a heavy cast iron skillet, melt butter.  Saute sliced shallots until they pick up a little color.  Add red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper to the shallots and mix.  Place halved brussels sprouts, cut side down in the butter.  Allow to color for a few seconds, then toss with the shallot mixture.  Deglaze the pan with lemon juice (white wine would be good too), then drizzle on the maple syrup and toss together.  Serve immediately. A dust of freshly grated paermesean couldn’t hurt.