Brought to you by the Home Depot

My knee after reduction of a tibial plateau fracture.  Healing nicely, but I’ll be on crutches for the next 6-8 weeks.

Tibial Plateau Fracture. Right Knee.

Tibial Plateau Fracture. Right Knee.


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3 Responses to “Brought to you by the Home Depot”

  1. adam Says:

    so…. is home depot a reference to the very DIY look of the pins, or did something happen at a home depot?

  2. aggiezoe Says:

    No, no, I didn’t trip at the Home Depot or anything. I actually took a dive while Andy and I were skiing. The Home Depot reference was just the DIY aspect of the x-ray. Looks like the surgeon sort of swung by a hardware store on his way to the OR.

  3. Steve Braun Says:

    Good luck with the recovery. My brother was in a similar accident and recovered very well.

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