It’s kind of creepy here.

The dogs are in Austin with Andy till tomorrow so it’s quiet and solitary. Much of my stuff’s in boxes which are stacked up in corners and taped neatly. There are bare nails in the walls and dust on the floors from all the things pulled out of long packed places. My usually tidy hobbit hole is in disarray. Things are just strewn about waiting to be boxed out of sight.  I always think, in this stage of moving, of what it will be like when somebody else does this to my house someday and they don’t understand how the twist ties are treasures, the quilt still under the comforter on the bed to be hand carried later reminds me of sharing the couch with my sister on cold Saturday mornings, and that it’s perfectly normal to store your double sided tape with your cookbooks.


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One Response to “It’s kind of creepy here.”

  1. Phil Glockner Says:

    Moving can be a stressful event. Hope yours goes fairly smoothly and successfully!

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