That stinkin’ muppet

Elmo’s baby sister is getting me all cheesed off. Ever since she debuted, using the dreaded -ey ending of my name, NOBODY under the age of 5 will pronounce it properly. The Zoe vs Zoey debate has always been tricky, but with Sesame Street lending it credence, Zoey seems here to stay. People have always asked me “Are you sure?” when I tell them that the “e” is silent, now they just refuse to believe me. And this show purports to teach phonics.

In the English language, the second vowel is silent. Z*o*e is pronounced Zo. Rhymes with Joe. I do realize that the name is actually Greek, and therefore not really held to English pronunciation, but that fact does nothing to further this rant.

So, in review:

is Zoey.

is Zoe.


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3 Responses to “That stinkin’ muppet”

  1. Kristin Says:

    One could fix this whole quandry by instructing any and all kiddos that Zoe’s real name is beeyah. Worked for Ethan, who still asks about his beeyah, by the way.

  2. Sa Says:

    Ok, now I didn’t want to re-live my embarrassment from the day we first met…thanks.

    Hey Zoey…no its Zoe. So fucking embarrassing.

  3. Anja Says:

    pronounced Zoh, in dutch means “so”.
    i remember 🙂

    (i’m a sinner, i will sometimes accidentally add the y at the back)

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