I just made banana pudding,

and I’d kind of like to stick my head in it.

Does this even count as a recipe? I didn’t bother to make it from scratch because sometimes, a gal just wants the processed crap of her childhood.

2 packets instant banana pudding
4 cups milk
1 can eagle brand (sweetened condensed milk)
4-5 bananas, sliced
‘Nilla Wafers
1 large tub cool whip.

Whisk the milk into the pudding and allow it to thicken. Whisk in the eagle brand. Fold in half the container of cool whip. In a big serving bowl: Cover the bottom with wafers. Glob on some of the pudding mixture. Top with sliced bananas. Continue layering wafers, pudding, and bananas until you run out of pudding. Cover the top with remaining cool whip. Make a decorative edge by poking additional Nilla Wafers half way into the pudding (standing vertically) all the way around the edge against the side of the serving bowl. Refrigerate until it sets up.


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One Response to “I just made banana pudding,”

  1. eng1ne Says:

    That sounds delicious! Also, I think banana pudding would probably make for a decent facial. Why not? How much worse can it be than mud?

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